PowerPulse and VOKA jointly studied how Flemish companies can save energy costs based on a benchmark of 30 companies. The results of this study were presented on 23 October.
If you are interested in the findings of the study, you can request your copy through the form below: 

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We bring our clients closer to the energy system.

The ongoing energy transition requires all actors on the energy market to better integrate into the system. There is already large value to be captured by doing so, which will only increase as the energy transition continues.

Our services cover the energy value chain. We reduce costs for energy consumers by focusing on the consumption profile, contract framework and energy markets. We help power producers to optimize within the technical boundaries of their assets on a range of energy markets. Through our long-term power modelling we help policy makers and power producers to test the robustness their decisions in a range of regulatory and market scenarios.

The energy market is rapidly opening up to new players, both on the energy consumption and production side. PowerPulse is helping anyone that wants to play a more active role in the energy system to get access to these opportunities.